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We believe that integrity, quality service, innovative thinking and the concept of proper design and development are the top values to providing our clients with the best products they can get from a design and development studio. We work with these thoughts in our minds every day and that is why we keep growing every year. Below are our principle member’s profiles. Please peruse them at your convenience and contact us if you have any additional questions about us or our team. We love talking about ourselves! Thank you.

Charles Hsu


Charles is a native born Californian but he grew up over seas. He traveled a lot growing up and got to experience the different cultures that the world has to offer and in doing so was able to have a unique perspective on how the world really works. He has been to over 30 countries in his life time so far and looks to travel a lot more in his future years. At a young age Charles was always interested in digital art but never saw any value in it besides just expressing his creativity. So he decided to become a history teacher and went to college at California State Hayward, but quickly realized that digital art was becoming a huge part of the world market and ended up getting his bachelors degree in Art – Multimedia.

After college Charles worked at a few different startups and an ad agency doing everything from banner designs and website design and development to game and mobile application design and development. Some of the startups were game and entertainment based and he gained the experience he needed to start his own company seeing that there was a lack of talent and quality of service in the industry. He really does believe that quality of service and products is more important than just doing what everyone else is doing. He believes that communication of ideas between him and the client is far more important than just keeping the status quo. Disruption of the market is what is needed for companies to be successful in this now very global market.

Charles has gained a lot of experience in the web, game and mobile markets and over the past 15+ years has been doing amazing work with a lot of large and small organization of all types. His experience and consultation is seeked out by many people in the United States and around the world. He is very well connected in San Francisco and plans a lot of social and adventurous activities with a lot of also very intelligent and adventurous souls. That is why he has been working on a personal web based product/application that will make your event life easier called MyOwnEvents.com. He truly believes that life can be an adventure and so he is finding better ways to make that happen.

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