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Press Release Services

Media Elements LLC provides press release services that can reach almost every US market. Are you looking for a cost effective way to reach your audience online? An easy way to increase search engine rankings and boost the success of your marketing campaigns? Have you thought about leveraging your news to reach the people who matter?

Traditionally, press releases were used as a tool to just reach journalists in the hopes they would write a story that would reach a mass audience. However, the emergence of the Internet has changed the game. The Internet provides the opportunity for anyone to find, access and create information from anywhere in the world. And now, more than ever, people are going online to find their news and search for information.

Today, online news releases have the power to help you reach the people who matter to you.

Media Elements LLC press release services are an easy and cost effective way to promote your business and reach potential customers. We provide you with the ability to communicate direct-to-consumer by using your news to connect with the people who matter — better than anyone in the industry.

For a fraction of the cost of traditional press releases or Internet advertising, you can send your news release through us to tell your story online, drive traffic to your website and reach your target prospects and customers. What’s more, the visibility you create with us will help you achieve premium placement in organic search engines.

Here’s what you get with a Media Elements LLC online news release:

  • Instant and Broad Visibility
    With one service, you will have your news picked-up in major search engines like Google and Topix, syndicated on leading websites including a search-optimized platform which delivers over 50 million page views each month and is delivered directly to countless news subscribers – and this all happens only minutes after your release goes live.
  • Increased Search Engine Rankings
    Backlinks or inbound links are one of the most important assets when it comes to your website’s credibility in search engines. We syndicate your news to premium online channels like Topix, which means you will have links from authoritative sites pointing back to your own Website. You will also receive additional backlinks and inbound links from all the press generated through your news release.
  • More Website Traffic
    According to TNS Global, 81% of Internet users worldwide use search engines to find information and 76% use the Internet to find their news. With our vast online network, you will be able to reach the millions of consumers who go online every day to find news and drive them back to your website.
  • Unprecedented Access to Key Influencers
    Whether it’s an industry blogger or key journalist, Media Elements online releases have an unprecedented ability to reach countless people throughout the US and around the world who will take your news and push it even further. In addition to the thousands of bloggers and journalists who are part of our media subscription service, we can also distribute your thousands of newsrooms around the world through our partnership with The Associated Press.
  • A True Social Media Release
    Media Elements lets you add images, file attachments and even video to your news release. These multimedia assets help maximize your visibility through additional channels like Google image search and also provide additional content that makes it easy for bloggers to write about your news. According to leading blog search engine Technorati, Media Elements releases receive more coverage in the blogosphere than any other newswire.
  • For a Limited Time
    For a limited time we will be providing the following services.

    1. Wire Service Distribution (a $3,000 savings/value) to USA Today, The New Your Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, and hundreds more.
    2. Priority Distribution within an hour. Instead of a full day.
    3. SEO services with each release.
    4. Professional writing services for up to 2 hours of work per release.
    5. Not to mention all of the other services mentioned.

For more information please contact us.

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