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Mercenary Ops - 3D Models with Animations


Oct 9th, 2012

Media Elements LLC created all of the 3D models, animations, visual effects, voice actor recording/editing, along with the nonlinear editing for this Mercenary Ops Game Trailer. We accomplished a lot given only one month to finish this work. This was a very challenging time-line given the clients expectations on quality. We could have done far better if we had more time to create and render all of the scenes that we wanted in this Game Trailer. This was a very challenging project. We first had to create a script from scratch and have it approved by the client (The client gave us very little input into what they wanted.), then we had to create a very rough storyboard that also then needed to be approved by the client all within a weeks time, then we had to create or modify models in the scenes and then place them so that it had the right look, then we animated and rendered each scene which took a lot of our allotted time. We then had a very professional (film level) video editor bring all the assets together including the music and voice over actor audio.

Game Description:

By the end of 2031 the collapse of the world’s governments was imminent. The global terrorism that had emerged at the onset of the 21st century had only increased in prevalence, causing federal and state-run overseers to consider and execute higher than ever defense spending initiatives to combat the growing levels of insecurity. In the wake of the devastation that followed, private, multinational corporations began to issue bailouts in order to stymie the unrest that had sprung up around the globe.

From 2024 to 2028, during the height of the government bailouts, the research conglomerate known as Trioz, and its subsidiary firm, Helix BioSystems, took control of over half the world’s assets, focusing spending in the areas of genetics, robotics, and exploration technologies. With Trioz at the head, engineers and scientists at both firms began to push the boundaries of possibility.

Unearthing the unknowns that lay in the most extreme and desolate places around the globe, engineers at Trioz uncovered keys to the Earth’s past and discovered ancient remains and objects of unknown lineage. From these findings, Trioz scientists were able to gather and resurrect undisturbed genetic materials and delve into the secrets of arcane knowledge that flourished in these remote regions. At the same time, Helix BioSystems, with support from Trioz, began engineering bio-robotic systems and mechanized weapons technology to enact their cruel designs. In effect, under the watchful eye of the firm’s elites, both corporations began their descent into the realm of darkness, and awoke numerous evils that would soon lead to scientific and occult breakthroughs that were to lift the veil on the world’s darkest fears.

From the shadows of these two elusive corporations, horrors once unknown, like a plague, began to spread, and national defenses were finally overrun in 2032. To spearhead a global defense force, what remained of the world’s assets was transferred to two organizations, known as Arche and Nexus. Combating Helix BioSystems technologies across a span of continents, Arche purportedly triumphed in the fall of 2037; whereas Nexus, in the months that followed, continued their battle with Trioz and over time drove their forces into hiding during the spring of ’38.

With the liquidation of all the world’s assets, wealth has now been distributed into four global, privatized organizations. With terrorism finally at an end, war has become the game of power brokers, and chaos has returned to an earth and people that have already fallen into disarray. Having acquired the resources necessary to spread and defend their interests, Arche and Nexus have started to employ all those capable of bearing arms in order to wage war on what remains, paying them the highest price to oppose the advancement of those bent on seeing their destruction. With the revitalized forces of Trioz and Helix Bio Systems continuing to emerge in different places around the globe, and the relationship between Arche and Nexus increasing in volatility, a global mercenary war blankets the horizon.