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Wazzamba SA - Web Based Flash Game


Oct 9th, 2012

“Hop Quiz” is a web based flash game that we created for Wazzamba to help drive more traffic to their website. The game is a cross between Jeopardy and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. You start at the bottom of the array of questions and you rise with each question you answer (right or wrong). When you have answered 5 questions your game is done. The more points you gain the more you might win!

Media Elements LLC created the entire game from start to finish. The client had a general concept and we took that idea and created all of the designs. We then created mood-boards that were used to eventually create the final look of the game that you see above. We then had developers working on all of the code to create the functionality of the game and to connect to the clients database and API to pull all the information on the questions and answers that were in the game.

The game is located on the Wazzamba website under the competition section. Try playing it now!!!

What is Wazzamba SA:

Wazzamba SA, Luxemburg, is the developer of www.wazzamba.com which is published by Wazzamba World AG, Zug, Switzerland. The companies were formed in 2009 by Rocco Pellegrinelli, a serial entrepreneur best known for founding Brainpower, which went public on the Frankfurt stock exchange in 2000 and was sold to Bloomberg in 2006. Mr. Pellegrinelli teamed up with successful professionals from the video game, virtual world and online casual gaming industries in order to realize his vision of combining online entertainment with tangible rewards.

The inspiration behind everything we do here at Wazzamba is the love of travel; the guiding principle that shapes every decision is a commitment to making great trips available to our users in a fun and rewarding environment.

For all of our users, we want to make this dream of travel possible. We believe that free holidays should be available to all of our winning users, who can play for in an environment that is uncluttered and ad-free.