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newly re-launched website for Media Elements LLC
Apr 2nd, 2013

Check out the newly re-launched website for Media Elements LLC. To meet demand, they now offer Mobile Design and Development services as well as Digital or Online Marketing services to new and existing clients.

Media Elements LLC offers clients the best experience in digital and online entertainment, providing bespoke solutions for each client. The company offers game, website and mobile design and development services, and helps clients address increasing technological demands with the highest standard of excellence for any sized project.

The design and development team is a skillful and well-trained group of professional webmasters and digital artists, using high-technology media. They are always easily accessible to current and potential clients and proactively provide consistent updates. This makes the common problem of incomplete work and miscommunication obsolete.

I. Game Design and Development Services

The company’s game developers design games that cater to all markets, but work with clients directly to identify each need and target market. They develop games that can please both tech-savvy and traditional gamers through engaging story lines and multimedia effects. The developers can help clients with game design services such as the game story and narrative, character designs, game environment design, and game storyboards and scripts. Clients can choose their desired level of participation and work with the developers as they design their games.

The company offers game design services that fit every client’s financial resources, from high-resolution 3D computer games to mobile games. Pre-built game engines show clients possible game designs and development structures. They can either choose to have the developers enhance the pre-built engines or design a whole new game structure. These pre-built game engines include state-of-the-art digital designs such as first or third person 3D, top or side scroll, Real-Time Chat, avatar creator, multiplayer, GPS location, racing game, strategy engine, puzzle games, tower defense and physics engines. These game engines allow gamers to have different game views, settings, weapon upgrades and multiplayer functions.

Additional game development services include: game conceptualization, asset creation, creative direction, testing, 3D modeling, animation, game play, game programming, level design and lighting. Games are launched on different platforms to maximize game development marketing. Target customers that use social media platforms like Facebook can easily access these games. iOS and Android device users can also access the games. The wide array of game designs and development options leads to a fun and one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Media Elements LLC uses only highly experienced, US-based game developers that are flexible enough to meet every client’s request. These developers also have a professional work ethic and value each client’s time and resources. They make sure that game design services are finished in a timely and professional manner.

II. Website Design and Development Services

Website design is key to attracting and maintaining traffic. Visitors often leave websites that are poorly designed and require too much time to load. Clients won’t have to worry about low quality website design with Media Elements LLC. The company’s experienced webmasters provide different website design services that attract the desired target audience.

Companies introduce themselves through their websites, which is why the website design and development team only produces websites that showcase companys’ true personalities. The designers are versatile and detail-oriented; they make sure that websites remain suitable for the particular products and services that each company offers, and eliminates the noise that would otherwise leave visitors confused and unengaged.

The company’s website design services are also flexible for different budgets. Business owners can opt for simple or high resolution website designs with different multimedia elements. Business owners may opt to add videos, images, banners and headings to get the target market’s attention. The company will carefully place these multimedia details in a way that catches attention, yet looks professional.

The company also offers website development services for existing websites. They enhance websites to make them attractive and to increase traffic. Media Elements LLC transforms dull websites into eye-catching, high quality business platforms with top of the line website development services. Having a professionally made, personalized website has never been this easy.

III. Mobile Design and Development Services

There are a growing number of people who access the Internet through their mobile phones, increasing the demand for mobile website design and development. Some website owners get lost in the technological battlefield and end up with low traffic. We now provide website owners mobile design services to help them address this consumer need.

Depending on clients’ needs and budget, Media Elements LLC can either redesign current websites for mobile use or just modify current code for mobile functionality. The team works with clients to help them understand the differences and helps them make the right choices. Both small and large companies are opting for mobile applications and websites to attract traffic and increase revenue.

The company provides mobile development services for myriad devices, and includes devices with operating systems such as iOS, Blackberry, Linux and Symbian. The company continually enhances its mobile development services to ensure that all popular mobile device operating systems are covered.

IV. Digital Marketing Services

Media Elements LLC understands that the “build it and they will come” model does not always work. That is why many clients request the digital marketing services. This is a natural “next step” because the design and development team fully understands the product and/or message and brand. Media Elements LLC also provides discreet digital marketing services to new clients. The team will utilize different online and mobile media to advertise the client’s products or services, ensuring that each client’s project is well marketed to the target audience.