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Tippett Studio - Webstie Design and Development


Feb 14th, 2012

The website design and development of the 25th anniversary website for Tippett Studio was done by Media Elements. From concept to launch we helped this client with everything in between to make sure they had a system that they could work with and edit themselves without heavy requirements on development. We also provide maintenance for the company’s website as well for a while after the site was launched.

When it comes to design we think the home page has the highest impact. On the development side of the site we created some cool features some of which are not visible to the user but enhance the site non the less to make it easier to update and add content. The site was built off of a PHP technology and is connected to a customized content management system. There are many features to this site that we are proud of including the project wheel and the happenings page.

What is Tippett Studio:

Tippett Studio is the top VFX company in the world when it comes to creature creation. They have been in the industry for 25 years and have worked on films from Howard the Duck to New Moon from the Twilight series.

The success of Tippett Studio is a product of its talented and dedicated crew of artists, producers, programmers, support staff and infrastructure personnel. Therefore it’s a priority at Tippett Studio to maintain an atmosphere that encourages effective collaborative teams working as democratically as possible, always with the goal of creating great work for the client filmmakers.

Located in West Berkeley, in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, the Studio is conveniently located close to the freeway on ramps and relatively close to public transportation.

Hollywood is only a one hour flight from the nearby Oakland Airport and frequent trips to the post production hubs for our VFX Sups and Producers is an easy proposition.