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Portfolio Archive - Media Elements LLC
  • CamconnectD27aR15aP01ZL-Johnson15a

    Camconnect LLC

    Camconnect.com is a video chat room website that allows the user to communicate with up to 3 other people...

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  • 01_MainMenu - Croped

    Dexter the Game 2

    Media Elements LLC created all the 3D environment artwork for the Dexter the Game 2. This includes the Miami...

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  • 10-LoadoutScreenSelected

    Imhotep Interactive, LLC

    Imhotep Interactive is a game company that needed new UI design for game menus. Media Elements LLC was more...

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  • KoramGamesLimited

    Mercenary Ops

    Media Elements LLC created all of the 3D models, animations, visual effects, voice actor recording/editing, along with the nonlinear...

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  • PW

    Picnic Wars

    We designed and created the Picnic Wars Game Trailer specifically for the iPhone and iPad. This cutting edge puzzle...

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  • HopQuiz

    Wazzamba SA

    “Hop Quiz” is a web based flash game that we created for Wazzamba to help drive more traffic to...

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  • cP

    ABC Song

    Media Elements LLC built the “ABC Song” iPhone/iPad game prototype in Flash and then helped with the integration into...

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  • mOE_lI_mySchedule_month_v3r1


    Custom website design and development is one of Media Elements LLC primary services and we do it well. MyOwnEvents.com...

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  • Mindscape

    House Game

    Media Elements LLC created the House Game Trailers for the Australia, France, German, and United Kingdom Mindscape branches using...

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  • Freight-Train

    Freight Train

    The Freight Train iPhone/iPad Game is based off of the top selling book by Donald Crews. This children’s game...

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  • RFDD

    Real Food Delivered Daily

    Media Elements did all the website design and development for this website with a very limited budget. A little...

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  • iWin


    We have been creating computer game trailers for iWin.com for more than two years now and they keep coming...

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  • TippettStudio

    Tippett Studio

    The website design and development of the 25th anniversary website for Tippett Studio was done by Media Elements. From...

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  • VerizonGamesOnDemand

    Verizon Games on Demand / Exent

    The website design for this entire site was done by Media Elements LLC from concept to launch we helped...

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  • Cisco

    Cisco Systems

    Cisco’s products are the foundation of the Internet and many corporate, education, and government networks around the world. A...

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  • CDA

    Computer Dependability Associates

    Media Elements designed and built this client brochure and website. This was a very small project and is only...

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  • NBCUniversal

    NBC Universal

    Media Elements designed the interface for the “National Heads-Up Poker Championship” DVD. The client wanted something to reflect the...

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  • BMCSoftware

    BMC Software

    Media Elements designed and built the Remedy newsletter. This newsletter was run off of the clients servers and was...

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  • FiveFoldHappiness

    Five Fold Happiness

    Media Elements designed and built this website with a very limited budget. Five-Fold Happiness is a book that describes...

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